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999 Years - Celestia Side
A crowd has gathered for the procession,
A clock erected for all to witness,
All eyes focused on the podium,
At this hour, I mark one year less.
Just yesterday, mere fillies were she and I,
Basking in the glory of creation,
To her, dominion of the evening nigh,
to me, the rule of Sol/sole domination.
In her heart grew the seed of jealousy,
And a rebellion was instigated,
As her form was changed to one of Night Mare
Threatening to engulf in Equestria.
But my strength was not broken, resisting
Her attacks, eventually defeating
Her, but force cannot overcome feeling,
The hatred from defeat still reeling
Whilst restricting her to fortress lunar,
I pondered on that earlier memory,
When our family bond had been stellar,
regretting outcome this tragedy
A year ago this audience bore sight
Climatic battle that ended union
With the loss of the first year on this night,
A small step of a long quest to reunion
Regret choice of action ? I keep thinking,
hesitate before crowd, think of sibling,
:iconiristrismegistus:iristrismegistus 58 6
999 Years - Luna Side
Silence. I am all alone in this lair,
Screaming at the uncaring darkness
Of my solitude, an imprisoned mare
At this hour, I mark one year less.
My elder sister always had her way,
Her arrogance dictated ambition
Every living thing was under her sway
Relegating my regal position.
But over time I developed with care
An inner, darker magic, the one spell,
That makes my form change to one of Night Mare
Complete, Make myself my sister's equal.
But Celestia is a cunning creature
My resort to brute force was no avail
But, even in this prison of dull feature
My resolve to defeat her will prevail
Looking at the mirrors that surround me,
I pondered on that earlier memory,
A time of innocence, subservience
All behind me, in this true deviance.
Seeing through the mirrors of this prison
A gaze upon Equestria's races
My own, Hidden, ideal panopticon
As I dote over my future subjects.
Regret choice of action ? I keep thinking,
Looking at mirrors, secretly plotting,
For an hour, then, ever year repeat
:iconiristrismegistus:iristrismegistus 75 9


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Life begins anew/ new things to do, new ventures/ in this common stage




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